Benefits of Nandi ka Bhebhe

As a member, you will have the following benefits


  • Membership of Nandi ka Bhebhe is an excellent way to contribute to the economy of South Africa.
  • Members can also participate in the Primary cooperatives that are on offer through Nandi ka Bhebhe, as outlined below:

Business Collaboration

  • Through Nandi ka Bhebhe, members are able to collaborate or merge with other companies to leverage against larger competitors in the market.
  • This amplifies the growth of companies that are affiliated with Nandi ka Bhebhe and gives them the opportunity to infiltrate a sector with relative ease.
  • We currently promote the following collaborations, by sector (however, we are always open to new paths and opportunities):

Mentoring & Mentee Pairing

  • Success is a function of how well you are able to learn from those who have come before you.
  • Similar to the collaborations, our new and young entrepreneurs are paired with exceptional and experienced entrepreneurs within the same sector.
  • Our pairing process is very rigorous to ensure that mentees are paired with the correct mentor in terms of needs, commitment, availability, skills, and experience.

Business Networking

The ability to build networks is a key driver of success for small and medium businesses.

Our members have access to our business networking platforms that allow them to:

Advertise the business

Network with other businesses in the same or different sectors

Improve quality of products or service through honest feedback

Our hope is that members will always start with businesses in our business network before looking anywhere else for the products or services.

Sponsor Pairing

  • Members with less experience in different sectors will have sponsors who are more experienced and influential to give recommendations in the inner circle for these small business to get different exposure, access and business opportunities.
  • Sponsor will be able to open up opportunities that small businesses will not be able to get into.
  • Sponsorship relationships are based on trust and belief in ones capabilities and therefore require commitment from members as individual reputational risk is also high.

Education, Training and Information

  • Nandi Ka Bhebhe will provide education and training opportunities to it members so they able to start and grow their businesses and themselves on a personal level.
  • Training and workshops for new sectors
  • Training and workshops on new legislation, new processes and even trends in markets