Nandi Ka BheBhe

co - operative

Nandi ka Bhebhe Women’s Cooperative is a secondary cooperative that was founded on 20 January 2018 out of a shared desire of our members to participate in the South African economy.

Our members were inspired by the story of Queen Nandi, mother to the mighty King Shaka. Nandi faced rejection and became a societal outcast. She, however, bore an heir for the king, never losing hope and never succumbing to pressure.

The following principles set the foundation of Nandi ka Bhebhe


Open and Voluntary Membership

Membership is open to all women, young and old, from all walks of life. It is voluntary and members can terminate their membership at any time. 


Democratic Member Control

All members have an equal share in profits and have equal voting rights. The board and its subcommittees are elected by members at each annual general meeting. Members have complete control over the way they wish the cooperative to be run.

Members’ Economic Participation

Nandi ka Bhebhe was created with the primary goal of allowing its members to participate in the South African economic environment. Most of its activities are geared towards achieving this goal. Members of Nandi ka Bhebhe are able to invest in any of the organisation’s cooperatives.

our testimonials

For me, it has been two months only and I am impressed with the sharing of information. Looking forward to attending workshops and opportunities available for Agriculture

Nonhlanhla Mkhize

I would like to say the information and updates are informative, I feel empowered already which helps as it can be overwhelming to be a small business entrepreneur. I’m so glad to be a part of a group of visionary people. I see bigger things.

Zibuyile Xaba

Nandi ka Bhebhe cooperative is very informative, we are getting development informally and formally. We also gain knowledge through information sharing. Its pioneering and empowers women to work together, focused and goal driven while kept motivated by those selfless members who have achieved more in life. Together we can.

Slindile Thobela

I shouldn’t have missed the AGM this year! A suggestion some of us miss what could potentially be important info on social networks, could we not get e mails ? Especially for minutes etc.

Zama Nyanda